How To Quickly And Easily Create Your Own Instagram Link In Bio Landing Page Using Canva

Fulfill your need of link in bio page with these complete alternative design. You can use it for TikTok Link In Bio and other social media bio link page too.

If you are an influencer or marketer using social media and feels these:

This is exactly what you need !

Why This Product ?

This is Some Reasons

Fresh Design

Latest design and concept you can create for yourself and your clients.


A very low one time price as an investment comes with commercial license

Eye-catching design

Colorful and attention-grabbing design will create a good impression from your visitor

Using Canva

You don't have to install any software. Just use

A High Demand

Not everyone can do the design. But they need it for many purposes. This template is the solution.

Personal Support

You can ask for support if you find any problems and difficulties


Canva Bio Link Commercial License

A Collection of Canva Template You Can Use To Create A Link In Bio Page That You Can Put On Instagram Profile and The Other Social Media. You Can Edit All Of The Design On This Package Really Quick And Easy Just Using Canva In Personal Computer (PC) or Smartphone. 



Canva Bio Link - Commercial


$ 29.90


What is this ?

A collection of Canva Template you can use to create a Link In Bio Page that you can put on Instagram Profile and the other social media. You can edit all of the design on this package really quick and easy just using Canva in Personal Computer (PC) or Smartphone.

What will I get ?

You will get the access link of the product and video tutorial

Do I have to use Canva Pro ?

Yes, Canva Pro is highly recommended to use this product. But if you don’t have Canva Pro, that would be OK. You still can use this product. Just some limitation on design asset. You can modify it with your creativity.

Can I Use Smartphone to edit the product ?

Yes, definitely. You can use Canva mobile Apps to design and edit the product.

What is the Product License ?

It is a Personal & Commercial License. You can use it for yourself as many time as you want. And you can sell your design service to your clients.

Is there any refund ?

Due to the nature of this product and it's insane low price (only 50 Cent/design!) there will be no refund.

Is there any guidance ?

Yes, you will get the tutorial.

ferdian adi

Ferdian Adi

Product Owner